I like to think I’m pretty cool. In the least cool sort of way possible.

Lots of things take my fancy – I’m incredibly fickle, it’s unreal. But, yes, I’m a Gemini so that kinda makes sense if you’re into that sort of thing. I am an absolute nerd, not the astonishingly clever, bright spark sort of nerd. More the embarrassingly silly nerd. The type of nerdy person who says something to you about Doctor Who or Harry Potter and you do that thing where your eyebrow raises a smidgen. Not enough to be rude, but just enough to be noticed, thus making me blush. I do that a lot. Blush.

Although, to counterbalance that nerd-Eleanor, I am also a romantic fool who enjoys writing poetry and falling in love with musicians. I do that a lot too. I often feel like I should just time-travel back to the 18th century, I think I’d probably fit in a bit more. Plus, I could wear hugely epic clothing. That would make me happy on the inside.

Basically, I just gabble on about all sorts of random things! It could be Glee, it could be philosophy (often happens when under the influence of a naughty beverage or two), it could be sexuality (issue very close to my heart, as I’m confused as fuck) or just my cheese and pickle sandwich that has gone a bit awry.

I do hope you have fun listening to inane chatterings of a young lady on the brink of another dimension. Good. Thanks.


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