‘But he’s a…’ ‘No.’


Tell you what gets firmly on my non-gender specific wick, society’s knack of forever ramming gender roles into everyone’s faces. And therefore what you should or should not like based on what set of genital components you may or may not have. Or choose to identify with for that matter.

A few weeks ago I was shopping for yellow face paint so that I could colour myself in and pretend to be a big blob of uranium, you know, as you do. As would be expected, I was roaming around lots of different kids shops in hot pursuit of said yellowness and was appalled at what I found. Most explicitly in The Entertainer, an independent toy and games shop. The shop floor was literally cut in half with nice little signs; one hanging over the predominantly pink side saying ‘For Girls’, another sporting ‘For Boys’ over the, if I may, far more exciting side. It had dinosaurs.

Who the fuck thinks they have to right to tell children, with tiny minds like massive sponges, that they are not allowed to play with something? “Chht. There is a small boy in aisle five. I REPEAT THERE IS A SMALL BOY LOOKING AT THE MINNI-MOUSE BOWTIQUE FLIPPIN’ FUN KITCHEN.” The Masculinity Squad dash into the aisle, rugby tackle Tommy to the floor whilst shouting at his Father about inciting homosexuality.

Seriously. It’s no wonder kids bully their peers when in school. They are growing up in a society that tells them liking certain things is wrong and shouldn’t be the norm. Maybe we wouldn’t be having such a shocking time with Equality in later life if our younger selves were able to play Barbies one minute and Lego Star Wars the next. With a mixed gender group of friends.

Yes, I fully appreciate it is getting better. Slowly and surely wins the race and all that. But honestly, if you want to do something, wear something or play with someone, nobody should be telling you you can’t. Oh I’m sorry did I not make it clear enough with my mad use of the underlining tool, YOU. It is your choice. If it makes you happy (and you’re not physically hurting anyone, obviously), fucking do it.

Sorry but if my ten year old self wants to fucking play dinosaurs, she’s going to play dinosaurs. Cor blimey, it makes me so cross.


About nonsensicalhogwash

Fast approaching my first quarter and starting to slightly freak out about my future. So I thought I'd write about it. I want to be an Actress. But, I'm inherently a nerd.
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