Drunken Red Lights and Short PotterMania..

Lounging upon my little sofa, puffing upon an empty cigarette, thinking about all of the beautiful generosity that has wonderfully entered my life…

Incredible India, Let yourself feel ya’, emotions cascading, free falling then fading…

Principally this young lady, that has totally blown my mind ever since I was graced with her presence in the expressively crazy world that is India. I remember her walking down into the sea, no top on I may add, gracefully, beautifully… My little sister runs up to her saying, “Are you Red from RedNPink?!” And, byGAD it bloody is.. She dips herself within the depths of the Indian flashing waters and comes to chat to us. I must say, she is quite possibly the most open and caring girl that has ever walked this planet. She talked of all the under-privileged kids she help to teach singing/spoken word/rapping to.. Then, suddenly, one night when we hence forth into the Hippie land of India she promptly hasten’s upon the stage and starts banging out her craZy beats and rhymes. I’m not gonna laiii, my Mother actually cried. This Girl had some sort of epic wave that engulfed the audience and dragged them willingly into her story. That’s what I loved. The ease with which she pulled you within and underneath her real life spell. Everything she spoke unto us, everything uttered from between her lips, said the truth. Truly, she is one in a million. @rednpinkmusic.

She did show her face upon the television, channel 5, this evening. Candy Bar Girls if you haven’t heard. A new show following the lives of lesbians in the heart of Landan. They’re all pretty HAWT, so watching it wouldn’t be that much hard work.. Even if you’re a straight female. ;0)

Earlier though, I managed to catch the Harry Potter World Premiere on the internet. I’m not going to be untrue to myself, so I shall say, I enjoyed and cried for the most part. I seriously wish I could have spurted ahead and decided to take the many* (*three) days off work to camp out in Trafalgar Square to personally grope the celebrities of this multi-billion, international, franchise. But I didn’t. I was at home. Sitting elegantly on the cushtie sofa, peering, bleary-eyed at the beautiful people that got to be a part of HP. I auditioned for it TWICE did you know. Obviously I didn’t get past the first round.. 1) because I don’t look anything like Luna Lovegood and 2) I’m incredibly shy. Which I probably should get over.

Spying, through the ingeniosity that is live cam upon the internet, the lovely three that are The Boy Who Lived, The Best Friend and The Brain Box waltzing down the Red Carpet did I enjoy my evening. Then all the seriously  serious actors surreptitiously creeped along the carpet, sharing their wisdom only with the special. My favourites being Helena Bonham-Carter, Alan Rickman, Michael Gambon and Jason Isaccs. When I have broken into film, they are the people with whom I shall be working with. Remember that. ;0)

I cried. A Lot. HP and JK Rowling have been, like, 15 years of my life. Pretty much, no not ‘pretty much’, WAY over half of my life. Dear Lord, that’s a long time. If you don’t enjoy Harry Potter, you probably shouldn’t be reading this particular blog. Parcause I think it’s awesome. Even if a little not so much well written type sorta thing… Can you tell I’m not completely coherent and with it? Perchance…?
Anywho.. I probably shouldn’t be writing this right now. I’m absolutely and completely tiddled on Jack Daniels (Gwad knows why) and fannying around with my little sister.

=D Mwaahhahaha…


About nonsensicalhogwash

Fast approaching my first quarter and starting to slightly freak out about my future. So I thought I'd write about it. I want to be an Actress. But, I'm inherently a nerd.
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