Delight, the Future and a Sprinkle of Silliness.

Serious epiphany day. For some splendiferous reason I have suddenly, miraculously, decided that I cannot wait. For anything and nothing in particular. I just can’t wait. It’s as though a cauldron full of faerie dust  has just been thrown over my whole body. Or I’ve grabbed my coat out of the wardrobe and small flakes of snow are sitting expectantly atop, even though it’s mid-summer. Or a thousand envelopes with green slanted writing and a ‘H’ on the seal are brilliantly diving at me from every direction.

Phewf! It’s terribly exhausting being this excited about your future, you know. It is no wonder people don’t often do it, all this splendour, fear, blessedness, complacency, exasperation and glee rolled into one big ball of string. That’s what I feel like; String. I’m all warm and fluffy, scrunched up in my own little world, vibrating with joy at the prospect of bursting out and tangling everyone else up in a huge melee of love. Raunchy.

Do you not think that ‘raunchy’ is quite possibly the most un-sexy sexy word ever. I mean, honestly, it sounds like ‘paunchy’  and a big round belly is rarely a turn on. Or ‘haunches’, that just reminds me of frightening beasties in story books making themselves more monstrous.  Though I guess, as the dictionary says, ‘the hip, buttock or upper thigh’ are tremendously sexy. How confusing…

Anyway, enough of this inane idiocy. Where was I? Ah, excitement. The big grey building of Universe City is hastily racing towards my tiny little anxious face, gaining a notch every second. New places, new smells, new people doing new and different things. I can imagine myself now, running toward the gates hanging on to my hat, swinging my suitcase wildly whilst singing that song from The Sound of Music. It’s really rather fortunate I want to be an actress, isn’t it?

Peace,  c];0)


About nonsensicalhogwash

Fast approaching my first quarter and starting to slightly freak out about my future. So I thought I'd write about it. I want to be an Actress. But, I'm inherently a nerd.
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